Johnson & Johnson Physical Therapy

An IPA Physio Clinic


Johnson & Johnson Physical Therapy is committed to providing specialized care for individuals suffering from acute and chronic pain, complex sports related injuries, and neurological disorders. We offer this care in a supportive and encouraging environment with an emphasis on directed self-responsibility. Treatment emphasis is on Functional Manual Therapy, which includes Functional Mobilization, soft tissue and joint mobilization, Back Education and Training, and individualized exercise programs.


Our Role

Our Role - The therapist’s role at Johnson & Johnson Physical Therapy is to identify the underlying dysfunction perpetuating the presenting clinical symptoms. The therapist then works together with the patient to develop and implement a personalized treatment program.

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Our Treatment

Treatment Sessions - One on one with an expert licensed physical therapist. All physical therapists at JJPT are highly trained certified functional manual therapists. The Treatment includes state of the art manual therapy, body mechanic training, and exercise.

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