Ski Conditioning Class

The weather is changing……..days are getting shorter.…….and snow will be flying soon!!
It’s time to prepare your body for ski season with our specialized SNOW SPORT conditioning class.
Our unique SNOW SPORT conditioning class is led by Steve Warfel, DPT, MTC, CFMT whose background includes strength and conditioning training with varsity athletes at Penn State, and many years on the snow!
This class will feature a mix of strength, balance, plyometric, and cardiovascular exercise aimed at strengthening specifically for skiing, snowboarding, cross country, skate, and snowshoeing
repetitive.  The class will progress from a  10-15 minute core warm up, to 30 minutes of moderate to high intensity exercise featuring varying exercises every week, and conclude with a 10-15 minute core cool down and dynamic stretch
Classes are held every Monday at 6:30 PM beginning on October 6th and finishing on November 24th.
Please inquire immediately at the front desk as we have limited spaces available.
The class will be $10 per class.

Interview with Gregg & Vicky Johnson

Q : As the pioneers of Funtional Manual Therapy TM (FMT), could you tell us what it is and how it developed?

Vicky : I think it's important to begin with a kind of history, in that both of us began our professional careers as Physical Therapists - Gregory in 1971 and me in 1977. And as we worked with patients doing traditional Physical Therapy, we began to realise there are some holes in the care that we wanted to give our patients. So both Gregory and I had our beginnings as Physical Therapists at the Kaiser Bolliger program, Gregory for seven years and me in the six-month residency.


Become more mobile and pain-free with Functional Manual Therapy: Foster King

What makes Functional Manual Therapy (FMT) different from other forms of Physical Therapy?

FMT, developed by Gregory and Vicky Johnson of the Institute of Physical Art (IPA), USA, looks at the whole person as an integrated unit - not a skeletal structure or muscular system. Our approach includes mechanical, neuromuscular and motor control interventions.


Physical therapists offer function-focused treatment while teaching

Steamboat Pilot, Sunday, November 16, 2008

Johnson & Johnson Physical Therapy treats athletes training for the Olympics and athletes training for the next game against Palisade. It treats dancers who train at Juilliard and dancers who train at Perry-Mansfield. It treats people who fly in from Chicago and people who live on Lincoln Avenue.

The important thing is not whom Johnson & Johnson treats, but how it treats them, co-owner Vicky Johnson said.