Founders & Fellowship Directors

Gregory S. Johnson - PT, FFfMT, FAAOMPT

Gregg Johnson is a nationally recognized specialist in the area of pain management and functional rehabilitation. Gregg has been actively involved in the treatment of patients and development of state of the art evaluation and treatment techniques since 1972. His teaching organization, the Institute of Physical Art, offers over 100 seminars nation-wide and trains thousands of physical therapists each year in soft tissue and joint mobilization (Functional Mobilization), movement reeducation, body mechanics, and exercise training. Each year this organization certifies a select group of therapists as Certified Functional Manual Therapists (CFMT). These therapists have completed extensive training through the Institute of Physical Art and those therapists are recognized nationally as some of the countries most accomplished therapists. Annually, a CFMT therapist is selected to participate in the Institute of Physical Art Functional Manual Therapy Fellowship at Johnson & Johnson Physical Therapy. Gregg serves as senior faculty for the fellowship program and serves as a consultant for complex patients.

Gregg graduated from the University of Southern California in 1972. He spent seven years at Kaiser Rehabilitation Center in Vallejo, CA, studying and teaching PNF under Maggie Knott, PT. In 1976, Gregg began teaching continuing education courses in Functional Manual Therapy which reflect his extensive studies in orthopedic physical therapy. Those studies include most physical therapy manual therapy approaches, osteopathic systems, and alternative therapies such as Rolfing, Feldenkrais, and Aston Patterning. Together with Vicky Johnson, he founded the IPA in 1978 and developed the PNF I, PNF II, BET, FO I, FO II, and FM courses. The integrated principles and techniques of these courses form the IPA Functional Manual Therapy approach. In addition, Gregg combined his knowledge of the articular, neuromuscular and soft tissue systems to develop the Functional Mobilization treatment system. Gregg has authored and co-authored several chapters and publications, and has lectured at many APTA, AAOMPT (keynote speaker in 1999) and State conferences. He is actively involved in research projects related to the validation of the Functional Manual Therapy Approach. Gregg and Vicky have owned and operated clinics in Marin County, San Francisco, and presently live in Steamboat Springs, CO where they manage their practice Johnson & Johnson Physical Therapy. In addition to teaching, they developed with a board the CFMT certification program in 1997. That same year, Gregg developed the year-long Functional Manual Therapy Fellowship program. This program, which is for CFMT graduates, is certified through the APTA and AAOMPT. Gregg has also been named adjunct faculty for the University of St. Augustine, Touro College and Chatham College.

Vicky Saliba Johnson - PT, FFfMT, FAAOMPT

Vicky is a nationally recognized specialist in the area of movement reeducation and exercise training. She has been actively involved in the treatment of patients, the development of Back Education and Training (BET), and corporate training programs since 1977. She co-owns Johnson & Johnson Physical Therapy and the Institute of Physical Art with Gregg Johnson. At, JJPT, she serves as a consultant for complex patients. At the Institute of Physical Art she oversees the development and management of ten separate courses taught over 100 times per year by a faculty of over 50 therapists nation-wide.

Vicky graduated in 1977 from the Medical College of Georgia. She completed the six month PNF training program at Kaiser Rehabilitation Center in Vallejo, CA, under the direction of Maggie Knott, PT. Her primary interest and study in orthopedic manual therapy have been in movement reeducation and exercise prescription. Saliba Johnson founded the Institute of Physical Art (IPA) with Gregg Johnson in 1978 and began teaching PNF nationwide. In 1986 she developed and began teaching Back Education and Training through the IPA. She has co-authored several chapters; spoken at many APTA sponsored events and lectured at the 1994 FOMT Convention. She has studied many manual therapy approaches including Maitland, Paris, Grimsby, McKenzie, and Rocabado. She previously was co-owner and co-director of Preventative and Rehabilitative Physical Therapy, The Back Clinic and Resource Center, and Marin Spine and Orthopedic Center in Marin, CA. In addition to teaching, Saliba Johnson co-directs the Functional Manual Therapy Certification and Residency programs through the IPA.